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RED certification

Regulatory requirements for radio devices in the EU market

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) is the successor of the R&TTE directive and has been applicable from 13 June 2016 onwards.

RED encompasses devices that intentionally emit or receive radio waves for the purpose of

  • radio communications (e.g. broadcast transmitters, radio receivers, cordless phones, wireless microphones, short range devices)
  • determination (e.g. of a position as in GPS receivers, radar, movement detectors, RFID …)
  • battery chargers for mobile phones (to improve status of interoperability between mobile phones and common chargers)

RED does not encompass

  • Radio equipment used exclusively for activities concerning public security, defense, state security or for the economic well-being of the state
  • Amateur radio kits
  • Marine equipment
  • Airborne products, parts and appliances (as regulated under Article 3 of regulation EC 216/2008)
  • Custom built kits used solely for research and development activities

Frequency range of devices that fall under RED

  • up to 3000GHz, no lower limit

Essential requirements of the RED directive

Radio equipment that falls under the RED shall

  • protect health and safety of persons, and of domestic animals and protects property
  • provide adequate level of electromagnetic compatibility
  • use of radio spectrum efficiently (Article 3(2))
  • interwork with accessories such as common chargers (Article 3(3))
  • interwork via networks with other radio equipment (Article 3(3))
  • connect to interfaces of the appropriate type throughout the EU (Article 3(3))
  • not harm the network, its functioning, its resources (Article 3(3))
  • incorporate safeguards to protect personal data and privacy of users and subscribers
  • support features ensuring access to emergency services
  • support features to facilitate its use by users with a disability
  • support features to ensure software can only be loaded into the radio equipment where the compliance of the combination of the radio equipment and software has been demonstrated
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Radio Equipment Directive

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