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Interlab EVO – next evolution of test management

Interlab EVO is an excellent Test Management System, which is used in the wireless industry by manufacturers, network operators, test houses and certification bodies since many years.  Interlab EVO includes a professional laboratory management system, in line with ISO 17025 requirements and is offering flexible hosting scenarios.

Test Project Collaboration System

Interlab EVO is a seamless, web-based and secure test management collaboration system.

It supports your teams working together and encompasses nearly all steps required during a verification process.

Interlab EVO bridges the gap between all those teams  that are involved in a development and test project and enables a systematic verification of your implementations.

For systematic verification of:

  • connected devices and Smart Services
  • mobile or wireless products
  • IoT applications

You can choose

  • from above Interlab EVO components
  • number of users and locations
  • content packages – to cover different technologies

Main use cases

Describe the Test Object

  • Guided by a Questionnaire wizard step-by-step
  • Choose requirements from a pre-defined list
  • Describe your requirements manually
  • Upload requirements from other sources (e.g. spreadsheets)

Choose quality policy

  • Depending on the desired market and certification requirements you can select from a list of provided “Quality Policies”
  • Bureau Veritas ready-to-use and installed content packages
  • Content created and uploaded by your organization
  • Content created by other 3rd parties

Create test plan

  • Use Interlab EVO test plan generator for automated generation of test plans
  • Add Tests to a test plan manually

Assign to Test Resources

  • Check your Test Capabilities  (local/global)
  • Priorities your Test Resources
  • See Test Durations
  • Assign dedicated Tests to your capable Test Resources

Perform testing

  • Handle multiple versions of test samples
  • Initiate tests
  • Import test results into the system, either
    ◦ fully automatically or
    ◦ manually, depending on your choice of Interlab EVO Result Import components

Analyse issues

Based on the outcome of your testing, you will receive concise overviews which help to analyse any issues. Depending on your analysis it may be necessary to consider changes, which can be reflected in Interlab EVO based on

  • Product or service requirements updates
  • Quality policy updates
  • Specifications updates


The Interlab EVO dashboard provides online approved status information in charts and detailed table views. LOG files and detailed results can be downloaded and the integrated issue/ ticket system enables the communication between the project involved users. The dashboard can be made available with dedicated secure access for your customers.

Generate test reports

  • Test reports can be created fully automatically by connecting Microsoft Office templates to the Interlab EVO data base.
  • In addition to some directly available test report templates, you can easily modify and upload your own templates to the Interlab EVO system for future use.
  • Bureau Veritas offers professional services to create your own specific report templates


Interlab EVO provides a Web API to provide essential project data to your application via a secure web interface. Projects, OUTs and Samples can be created remotely and test results incl. test reports can be pulled back into your system.

Version Control

Due to a strict version control of requirements and product or service implementations, you are provided with a consistent overview of the different product versions. This ensures their traceability over the complete verification lifecycle and complies with ISO17025 requirements.
Benefits of Interlab EVO

Interlab EVO streamlines complex test management processes. It brings an end to the feared loss of test project data, inefficient use of test resources, wrongly generated test plans etc. As a scalable solution, that covers the growing requirements of a Smarter World and the IoT, it is the ideal test management solutions for a variety of user groups.

The Interlab EVO Components

  • Test Management
  • Test Plan Generator
  • Test Requirements Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Result Import
  • Reporting
  • Test Capability Management
  • Content Management

Interlab EVO – Test Management

The test management component of Interlab EVO connects many teams, tasks and projects.

With the Test Management Component, the users …

  • set-up projects
  • manage access rights
  • manage objects-under-test
  • manage your different versions of tested samples
  • create and update test plans
  • assign test plans to test resources
  • enter or import test results
  • analyse and approve test results
  • create test reports
  • get fast status overview on projects, objects-under-test and test plans via graphical charts and reports
  • create and track Issues within your projects

Interlab EVO – Test Laboratory Management

Interlab EVO supports the efficient management of test laboratories.

All teams have a structured overview of the available test resources, such as test systems and/or single test equipment as well as their capabilities and calibration status.

Within Interlab EVO you can create an overview of officially listed test platforms, including the name of the manufacturer, the name of the test resource and its technical coverage, with which you can equip your laboratory.
For a complete list of applicable test systems used for example for GCF and PTCRB certification processes, it is possible to simply link the committee information to Interlab EVO.

Here you can

  • define globally available test resources, important for your business environment
  • describe test system configurations
  • test parameters
  • test capabilities

Interlab EVO – Test Result Import

The more test results you create, the more important it becomes to import them automatically into a test management system, if you want to ensure a fast and error-free process.

Thanks to the “Result Import” component of Interlab EVO, test results can be uploaded into the system automatically and linked to the respective test plan. Supported file formats can be spreadsheets, XML or RTF files. With the help of different parsers used in combination with configuration and mapping rules, you can configure externally provided files so that they match the Interlab EVO data structure.

A further extension are the Interlab Test Engines, which connect Interlab EVO to the test systems in use. Interlab test engines support the configuration of test systems, initiate test sessions and automatically upload test results into the test management system. Contact for further details on the adopted test platforms.

Interlab EVO – Reporting

Specific report templates can be uploaded and used within Interlab EVO.

Depending on your use case, you can also choose reporting templates provided by Bureau Veritas or other sources. You can design and format the report via standard MSOffice features. Report templates which have been created in this fashion, can be uploaded to the Interlab EVO system and re-used, for the fast creation of identically looking reports in future. You can choose between output formats such as *.docx, *.pdf, *.xlsx, *.html.

Interlab EVO also provides a well defined interface with which you can extract the data, required for a report.

Interlab EVO – Content Management

Interlab EVO – supports open content management:

Content such as

  • product or service requirements
  • test specifications
  • quality policies of certification or regulatory regimes
  • report templates

can easily be imported to and managed within the system.

For the most efficient and economical way to cover your organizations needs you can choose and mix

  • your own content
  • ready-to-use content packages from Bureau Veritas

To ease the content import, the data exchange is based on generic web interfaces between Interlab EVO and other IT systems (e.g. HP ALM, MS Excel, MS Word).

Ready-to-use content packages for Interlab EVO

For ease of use you can extend the Interlab EVO system with ready-to-use content packages describing specifications and/or quality policies.

Based on the Bureau Veritas expertise in wireless testing and certification, we have prepared ready-to-use content packages. These are ideally suited to work in combination with Interlab EVO.  As an active member of all relevant standardization and committee groups within the wireless world, Bureau Veritas collects, analyses and compiles all relevant information to create the “ready-to-use” content packages for Interlab EVO and offers continuous updates.

Ready-to-use content packages from Bureau Veritas contain:

  • Specifications
  • Quality Policies
  • Test specifications, test case descriptions, test platform versions
  • Technical certification rules
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Questionnaires for test plan generation
  • Plug-ins for test plan optimization
  • Report templates

Content packages from Bureau Veritas cover:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • Bluetooth®
  • FCC
  • RED (R&TTE)
  • ISED / IC Canada
  • Ecall
  • Cybersecurity

Bureau Veritas maintenance services for Interlab EVO content packages

Content packages are subject to continuous upgrades and changes. Based on the Bureau Veritas expert know-how and our participation in leading standardization groups, we monitor the ongoing developments regarding specifications and quality policies and update the content packages accordingly.

Bureau Veritas ready-to-use content packages – a reliable and efficient way for up-to-date and correct test and certification processes.

Support & Maintenance Services for Interlab EVO
User support is provided by the experienced Interlab support teams from Bureau Veritas.

You can reach us in all major time zones in

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • US

Bureau Veritas offers

  • online ticket system
  • committed response times
  • continuous software maintenance
  • regular content updates