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RF Consulting

Connected devices for the IoT are getting increasingly complex by combining more and more technologies within a single product. Utilizing multiple wireless standards emphasizes the importance of RF expertise. 7layers offers RF consulting to help get devices to market as quickly as possible. Benefit from the expertise of our experienced team and highly reputable, validated, certification laboratories.

 There are many variables when it comes to maximizing the performance of wireless connectivity. 7layers reviews your device and comes up with smart changes to increase the reliability of your device’s connection before official testing. Have your device pass certification smoothly, and let it work properly in the field, to maximize your company’s reputation for excellence!

RF Consulting Service-Packages

Choose between a variety of RF Consulting Service-Packages, geared to your specific needs

  • for the product development phase
  • for device failure analysis
  • in case your product undergoes engineering changes
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