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EMC/Automotive emc Testing

Electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC for short, must be demonstrated by all devices with integrated radio components for approval in almost every country in the world.  We offer EMC testing for modules and end products with integrated radio technology – and take care of market approval for IoT and IT products. Our accredited EMC test laboratories are equipped to test almost all modern wireless technologies, and our EMC experts have many years of experience in precisely this area.

We ensure that your electrical and electronic equipment complies with the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directives and also obtains the necessary CE mark for product certification.

With us, modern electronic radio products are safely on their way to the global market: we offer consulting, testing and final certification.

EMC testing of electronic and electrical equipment: interference-free operation

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of a technical device not to interfere with other devices by electrical or electromagnetic effects or to be interfered with itself. The immunity to interference and the interference emissions of the device are checked in an EMC test. It is examined whether the electromagnetic interference emissions of your product are within the specified limits. In addition, it is checked whether your product and its functionalities themselves are not negatively influenced by electromagnetic interference emissions.

Our EMC testing services

  • Regulatory EMC testing
  • Pre-certification tests (easy check)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer-specific test scenarios (emission and immunity testing), e.g. under real-life conditions
  • Tests to establish your product’s immunity to interference from other wireless products such as mobile devices, W-LAN routers etc. (coexistence assessment).   The valuable insights that we provide into your product’s behaviour are the key to customer satisfaction.
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EMC measurements in the absorber cabin

EMC measurements are a subarea of EMC testing, which usually deals with the determination of emitted interference. Measurements of shielding effectiveness also fall within the scope of EMC measurements. Measurements of the magnetic and electric components of the field are performed with specially tuned antennas in the absorber cabin. In order to be able to determine the location with the maximum emission, the test object is located on a turntable that can be rotated through 360°.

EMC test: cost and duration

The cost and duration of an EMC test depend very much on the product in question and the measurements and tests deemed necessary from preliminary analyses. The aim of the EMC test is to ensure that the product meets all the requirements according to the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU. Testing or measurement measures in the laboratory may include: Testing for radiated emissions, interference voltage or interference current measurement, tests of immunity to radiated fields (RF irradiation, burst pulses, simulation of voltage fluctuations and short-term power interruptions, etc.). Furthermore, electrostatic discharge (ESD) tests may be necessary, as well as more product-specific tests such as power line disturbance analysis, harmonic analysis, and shielding effectiveness measurements. The costs of an EMC test can be estimated in advance. We will be happy to prepare a quotation for your product.

Why do products have to comply with the standards?

The EMC Directive and the associated standardization mandate to CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) concern various requirements for equipment. The electrical infrastructure in which equipment operates in its electromagnetic environment is shaped by the system design. In this regard, the EMC Directive provides for several components that require accreditation. Manufacturers therefore seek accredited test laboratories, such as that of 7layers, to perform the complex EMC tests on their products.

An electrical or electronic product is not allowed on the market until it has passed these tests and earned the CE mark. This is primarily a matter of consumer protection: to ensure trouble-free operation of electrical equipment for all customers and citizens, and also to ensure that theoretical interference does not cause unreasonable harm.

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Performing an EMC test yourself: a good idea?

When measurements are made in a normal room, many interfering signals are picked up from the environment. Therefore, EMC measurements are performed in shielded and partially absorbing chambers to prevent the high field strengths generated during tests in the chamber from escaping outside into the environment.

In principle, these chambers cannot be seen from the outside due to their good shielding, so that direct visual and acoustic monitoring of the equipment is usually not possible. Input and output signals between the interior and exterior of the chamber are carefully filtered and grounded, since otherwise the shielding effectiveness of the chamber would be considerably reduced.

These conditions can only be guaranteed in a professional and accredited laboratory like at 7layers.

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With our EMC test service you are on the right side. Get your non-binding offer today.