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Energy systems & renewable energies

The process from idea to finished product is often long and expensive. It is therefore important to ensure there are no hitches in the regulatory approval process because re-designs cost time and money – and they are also avoidable.

Our experts provide end-to-end support, from idea through initial design to finished product. The ultimate objective is fast and unproblematic market access. 

We help you to achieve it with our comprehensive portfolio of services, from technical development support and training to product testing, approval, inspection, certification and listing in online databases for global market access.

We can support you with the following product categories:

  • Inverters/ converters for photovoltaic, wind, hydro or fuel cell applications etc.
  • Combined heat and power units (CHPs) and co-generation plants
  • Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) plants
  • Electric generators with various drives
  • Energy storage units, battery storage systems and charging stations
  • Grid monitoring units, measuring relays and protective systems
  • Junction, distribution and monitoring boxes
  • Power Plant Controller, control and communication devices

The main objectives in this connection are ensuring electrical safety and achieving grid connection or a declaration of conformity for the grid operator. You also benefit from our experience in related areas of specialisation (variations in national requirements, environmental simulations, ingress protection, EMC or CE declarations).

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