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SAR measurements

SAR measurements, i.e. the measurement of the specific absorption rate, check the amount of radiated radio frequency energy to which a human body is exposed, e.g. during the use of a cell phone, laptop, data card. SAR measurements allow evaluating the relative safety of low-power transmitters used in close proximity to the human body.

Our SAR test is performed in independent laboratories and reliably covers the regulatory requirements of various standards (such as FCC and Red Directive). For the successful market launch and establishment of your product, in addition to compliance with regulatory standards, SAR measurements are also crucial in the R&D phase and in the quality assurance of your product.

Specific absorption rate (SAR) measurements can ensure that exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by technical equipment, does not exceed certain limits. SAR is the abbreviation for specific absorption rate and a measured value for the absorption of electromagnetism in a material. It always causes the material to heat up. The specific absorption rate is given as a power value per mass in the unit W/kg. According to the requirements of the various international regulatory authorities, SAR-tested products are not harmful to the health of consumers. This means they meet a basic requirement and the relevant standards for market entry.

What SAR values are good?

Cell phone radiation is electromagnetic fields. These are used to transmit voice and data and generate energy in the process. A small portion of the radiation generated is emitted and absorbed by the environment. The radiation that can be absorbed during phone calls, for example, is called the “specific absorption rate,” or SAR for short.

SAR values are frequently discussed by experts. The WHO has set a value that smartphones and other devices must not exceed. This SAR value should not exceed two watts per kilogram. As soon as the radiation exposure of a device exceeds this value, it may not be sold in Europe. According to the Federal Office for Radiation Research, there is no scientific evidence of any adverse health effects below this value.

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If you want to have your smart device tested for specific absorption rate (SAR), you can have a professional SAR test performed by us. We support you to achieve a secure product certification with the help of our high-precision IoT testing and thus create a market access for your IoT company.

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