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Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF


powered by the new Interlab® Test Plan Generator


  • Ready for full validation of Bluetooth® Channel Sounding
  • Ready for Unified Test Mode – OTA (over-the-air) testing


The evolving Bluetooth® market demands both higher data rates, strongly reduced energy consumption and real-time location to improve existing use cases and realize new ones.

The Bluetooth® standard has responded all the way to the new benchmarks of high speed, low energy and high-accuracy distance measurement capabilities for proximity and positioning systems operating at sub-meter accuracy levels.

The Bluetooth® core specification version 5.x introduced Bluetooth® low-energy features supporting direction finding, addressing applications and use cases such as indoor positioning, asset tracking, object finding and directional discovery. The upcoming feature in Bluetooth® core specification version 6.x introduces Bluetooth® Channel Sounding for high-accuracy distance measurement and therefore will become a driving feature for Bluetooth® enabled products.

Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology, the hallmark feature of the new Bluetooth® core specification version 5.x, has been adopted to meet all demands for ultra-low-power wireless devices. This important development, in combination with the technology advancement latest introduced for Channel Sounding, will further expand Bluetooth® technology into new markets and segments.

To qualify the new Channel Sounding feature, the Bluetooth® SIG has introduced new requirements for qualification mandatory starting from August 2024.


The Interlab® Test Solution Bluetooth® RF meets all demands set by the Bluetooth® Qualification scheme providing complete and full validated RF test coverage for all Bluetooth® standard versions including Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Bluetooth® Direction Finding as well as for Bluetooth® Channel Sounding.

Our strong focus on efficient operation powered by the new Interlab® Test Plan Generator make the Interlab® Test Solution the ideal RF test platform for any BRTF or BQTF according to Bluetooth® SIG mandatory requirements for qualification.

The Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF is currently the world’s most successful Bluetooth® RF Test System. It is used in nearly all of the Bluetooth® Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) both in 3rd party and in-house laboratories world-wide. Currently all Bluetooth® recognised test facilities (BRTFs) are using this system.

An early member of the Bluetooth® SIG,  7layers has been offering Bluetooth® qualification testing  from the inception of Bluetooth® technology in 1999. Consequently 7layers has used its experiences as a leading BQTF and developed several successful setup options for its Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF.

The Interlab® Test Solution Bluetooth® RF helps achieve fast, reliable and reproducible results while maintaining ease of use. It provides the highest level of automation to speed up repetitive, time-consuming procedures. By reducing human interaction and potential human-related testing errors it ensures reliable and reproducible results. Advanced “object under test” automation techniques, adaptive signalling methods and configurable repeat scenarios ease the test process considerably.

Our responsive and highly qualified support personnel complement the end-user experience.


  • Bluetooth® SIG fully validated and recognised for all RF/RFPHY test cases according to the latest Test Case Reference List (TCRL) for qualification
  • Standard Direct Test Mode (DTM) and the new Unified Test Mode (UTP) for over-the-air testing
  • Highest level of automation to speed up repetitive, time-consuming procedures
  • Integrated automated Test Plan generation based on the selected device specific ICS (Implementation Conformance Statement)
  • Advanced object-under-test automation techniques, adaptive signalling methods, configurable repeat scenarios
  • Decreased test duration and potential testing errors minimized
  • Automated and regular performed RF path compensation fullfills required measurement uncertainties according to the Bluetooth SIG RF Test Specifications
  • API for integration into the Interlab Test Management System


  • Automatic Test Plan Generation based on your device product description
  • Intuitive user interface for selection of test sequences, test groups and repeat scenarios
  • Automated execution and termination of external applications
  • Full automation of test sequences – using the remote control (Host Controller Interface) of the Device Under Test (DUT)
  • Intelligent link re-establishment in case of link loss during lengthy test cases
    safeguarding already performed measurements
  • Various socket bridges for DUT communication

(TCP, USB, http, etc.) provided by the free downloadable Interlab Automation Explorer

  • Fulfilment of measurement uncertainties according to the Bluetooth® SIG RF Test Specifications


Verify your Bluetooth® device automation interface and speed up BQTF testing

The Bluetooth® Automation Explorer is a free setup tool from the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF software suite. Simply log in with username/password “guest” to download the Automation Manager for free from the Interlab download page. With our Automation Explorer you can easily verify your Bluetooth® RF device automation interfaces before sending your Bluetooth® device to the BQTF for testing. Of course, it is also possible to export the verified configurations to your own or any other Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF- Qualification Tester.

The Automation Explorer can help speed up Bluetooth® Device Under Test (DUT) test processes in your own lab or any BQTF considerably and therefore provides an added value for device manufacturers.

Free Automation Explorer Download and Documentation

The Bluetooth® Automation Explorer allows device manufacturers to set up and verify the Bluetooth® automation interface (USB, RS-232, Android Debug Bridge (ADB), BTCLI, etc.) of each device and its protocol in the comfort of their own office, before submitting to a 3rd party test lab. This approach significantly streamlines the project preparation process and speeds up the test project considerably.



  • Complete Bluetooth® RF Test System, including all required hardware built into a rack
  • Antenna Switching Unit for Low Energy AoA/AoD- Direction Finding and Channel Sounding
  • On demand we can integrate your existing equipment


  • Interlab System Software, incl. Automation Explorer

Available Test Case Packages:

  • Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
  • Baseband EDR Timing
  • 2MPBS, Long Range,
  • Low Energy
  • AoA/AoD- Direction Finding
  • Channel Sounding

Standard Services:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support, online sessions, ticket system
  • Software updates (Bluetooth® SIG Errata, bug fixes, improvements)

Professional Services:

  • BQTF/BRTF recognition process, Bluetooth® Qualification and RF training
  • Special device automation / DUT Interfaces
  • Customized Test Case Development
  • Tool development
  • Provision of Reference Samples

Please contact for further information.