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Interlab EVO Test Plan Generator for GCF/PTCRB

Our solution

The Interlab EVO Test Plan Generator combined with the GCF/PTCRB Content package regards all latest and historical certification and regulatory requirements to create a correct Test Plan in accordance to your product specification. Inputs for the Generator are your selection of the applicable certification version from GCF and PTCRB and your product details (PICS-Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement). 

The Content System provides automatically the relevant 3GPP Test Specifications, Test Cases and Bands and the certification rules to optimize the test plan. In addition the test platform information are taken into account to identify the validated test platforms automatically.

The output of the test plan generator is a detailed list of Test Cases, Band, Test Case Categories and other parameters which allows to identify the testing scope and timing necessary for test execution.

Key facts


  • Correctness of Test Case lists according to latest regulatory and certification requirements
  • Fast creation of Test Case lists
  • Keep control on raising complexity
  • Support by a professional tool instead of individual expert know-how

Usability is a key:

  • Easy to use
  • Import/ Export of PICS spreadsheets
  • Guided by Questionnaires
  • Compare Test Case lists
  • Focus on Test Case changes

Expert know-how:

  • Proven certification and testing know-how from many 3rd party test houses and manufacturer labs
  • Experiences Bureau Veritas 

Continuously Updated:

  • Each new GCF/PTCRB certification rule will be updated on a day-to-day base
  • Test Plan adaptations rules
  • Test Case category changes
  • Test Platform re-validations

Different IT Hosting Possibilities

We provide different IT hosting scenarios:

  1. Hosting in YOUR cloud
  2. Hosting in the Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud
  3. Hosting in your own IT environment