SAR testing
SAR measurements of mobile phones and connected devices must meet official requirements

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) measures the quantity of radiated RF energy a human body is exposed to when for example using a mobile phone. With the help of SAR testing, it is possible to evaluate the relative safety of low‐power transmitters that are used within close proximity to the human body.

SAR measurements for mobile phones as well as devices with integrated wireless connectivity such as data cards, laptops or WLAN equipment, are carried out in 7layers’ experienced, independent partner laboratories. 7layers takes over all necessary project handling for these services and ensures that the final test report is suited to fulfilling market access requirements.

SAR testing covers regulatory requirements (e.g. for FCC and R&TTE) and various other standards. Measurements can also be used for R&D and quality assurance processes.

SAR testing is necessary for

  • FCC
  • R&TTE
  • EN 50383
  • FCC Suppl. C to OET 65 & rel. KDBs
  • Radio communications ACA Standard (Australia)
  • IEEE 1528
  • EN/IEC 622029-1 and EN/IEC 62209-2
  • HAC in accordance with ANSI-PC 63.19

Technologies covered for SAR testing at 7layers

  • Bluetooth(R)
  • WiMAX