TETRA BOS end product test services
BOS Terminal development support and certification from 7layers

The TETRA BOS digital radio network is being established by the BDBOS (The German Federal Agency for Digital Radio and Security Authorities and Organizations) in order to provide a nationwide digital voice and data communications network for all security authorities and organizations within the Federal Republic of Germany.

BOS terminal end-product testing andĀ BOS certification is required for radio terminals, gateways, and radio control centers. Click here for more information on the BOS certification process .

As the first BSI accredited laboratory 7layers offers

TETRA BOS interoperability certification testing

BOS terminal certification is granted on the basis of interoperability testing and isĀ carried out by ISO17025 test laboratories accredited by the BSI, such as 7layers. Testing covers BLK1 and BLK2 features.

TETRA BOS end-product interoperability development testing