Bluetooth® testing services
Benefit from the outstanding Bluetooth test & qualification experience of 7layers Bluetooth_FM_Color

7layers has been at the forefront of Bluetooth® technology for years. In accordance with the Bluetooth SIG we offer test services in our Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) while the experienced 7layers  Bluetooth Qualification Consultants (BQCs) are at your disposal for Bluetooth Qualification.

Speed up Bluetooth testing by using the Interlab Automation Explorer

Before starting with the Bluetoth test & qualification process please feel free to use 7layers unique Interlab Automation Explorer. It allows manufacturers to set up and verify the Bluetooth automation interface of a device, including its protocol, before submitting it to the 7layers test labs. With this approach the project preparation process can be streamlined and the complete Bluetooth test project can be shortened considerably. For more information please go to: Automation Explorer

Bluetooth test services at 7layers cover

  • Bluetooth SIG Qualification
    • Bluetooth RF testing – Basic Rate, EDR, Enhanced Power Control, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Ready, Bluetooth 5
    • Bluetooth Protocol testing
    • Bluetooth Profile interoperability testing
  • Bluetooth Compatibility Certification Program (CTIA)
    for CTIA certification
    of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, headsets and car kits
  • Bluetooth interoperability testing
    for car manufacturers
    testing of devices using Bluetooth Air-Interface links