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LoRa Alliance certification program

Veröffentlicht am 30 January 2018

LoRa AllianceTM certification program
One of the goals for 2018 is to increase the number of certified devices available in the market.  

LoRaWANCertification - 7layersFor any technology to scale within an open ecosystem with multiple vendors it is critical to give confidence of interoperability. The LoRa AllianceTM  certification program for LoRaWAN™ device, sensor and module manufacturers is promoted by 7layers. Being certified gives manufacturers the right to use the official LoRaWANTM Certified logo and it helps to market their products accordingly.

7layers is an active LoRa AllianceTM member and it is also authorized for device, sensor and module certifications and performance evaluations. “We are part of the Alliance activities now since three years and we have seen a very fast growing ecosystem”, said Thomas Jaeger responsible for Business Developments and Innovations at 7layers. “7layers helps all kind of IoT stakeholders to prepare and finalize their products and services for successful operations. This includes also the LoRa AllianceTM certification program. We are offering all related services”.


For more information about the LoRa AllianceTM certification program, please contact 7layers at

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