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Mexico: Certificate owner update mandatory for import process from Feb 2021

Veröffentlicht am 28 January 2021

MEXICO: Certificate owner update mandatory for import process from Feb 2021

A new IFT Conformity Assessment Procedure (PEC-IFT) for telecommunications and broadcasting products has been published in the Mexico Official Gazette and will take effect on 25th February 2021.

One of the topics is related to certificates, which were issued on the name of a 3rd party as local representative service. These 3rd party service providers have been able to optionally serve as certificated holders .

With the new regulation, approvals which require testing and are issued on the name of these 3rd party service providers are no longer allowed to be used for import.
Certificates held by 3rd party service providers and based on testing can no longer be used to demonstrate compliance during customs clearance and each importer must obtain their own IFT certificate and their respective CoC.

All IFT certificates where no testing was or will be done are not affected by this change.
For upcoming homologation process, it is no longer useful to involve any 3rd party local representative service as certificate holder for devices, which require laboratory tests, and a contact from local importer should be provided for approval, to serve as certificate holder.

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