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LTE Cat-M1 test solution for UICC requirements

Veröffentlicht am 13 November 2017

LTE Cat-M1 test solution for UICC requirements
New LTE Cat-M1 test package for the Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC covering GCF and PTCRB certification requirements

7layers , Ratingen, 13. Nov. 2017: With Release 13, 3GPP has specified LTE Cat-M1, a low power wide area (LPWAN) technology in licensed spectrum for enhanced machine type communication (eMTC). The technology is used for M2M / IoT applications in areas such as smart home, smart metering, building automation, smart factory, automotive & transportation services, mobile-health applications etc.

“To ensure interoperability between the UICC, integrated in LTE Cat-M1 devices, the radio devices themselves and the mobile networks they are using, GCF and PTCRB have developed new certification requirements”, explains Magdy Ahmed, product manager of the Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC. “We have therefore extended our proven test solution with a further test package, especially geared to evaluate the USIM and USAT applications of LTE Cat-M1 devices. Thanks to its reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness, the test solution is already in use on a global scale for mobile phone certification testing. With this new test package the solution will also enable the evaluation of the large number of M2M / IoT devices, heading for the global market.”

New LTE Cat-M1 test specifications and certification requirements of 3GPPInterlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

To enable the authentication of LTE CAT-M1 devices accessing mobile networks and services and to support security critical applications, the 3GPP test specifications TS 31.121 Rel-13 and TS 31.124 Rel-13 include additional USIM and USAT tests for the UICC integrated in LTE CAT-M1 devices.

Based on these specifications, both GCF (Global Certification Forum) and PTCRB have introduced new certification requirements for the qualification of LTE Cat-M1 devices in conjunction with the USIM and USAT features of the integrated UICC, such as

  • GCF WI#125M
  • GCF WI#137M
  • GCF WI#230M
  • PTCRB RFT 82
  • PTCRB RFT 102.

LTE CAT-M1 test package for USIM and USAT certification – available now

For a smooth and highly automated test process, 7layers has extended its Interlab test solution DEVICE/UICC with the required certification test packages for LTE Cat-M1 USIM and USAT. The commercially available test package runs on our Interlab test solution DEVICE/UICC in conjunction with the R&S CMW500 network simulator.

For more information on our long proven Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC and the new LTE Cat-M1 USIM/USAT test package please take a look here or contact

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