Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC
Conformance tester for 3G, LTE, LTE Cat M-1, NB IoT and 5G NR devices

The Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC handles the complex test procedures which verify interface conformance requirements regarding

  • a cellular network
  • a wireless connected device and
  • its UICC (USIM, USAT, ISIM) and NFC applications.

The UICC and its (U)SIM/(U)SAT/ISIM applications play a central role in data security and other added services, covering tasks such as authentication handling, mobility management, call control handling, closed subscriber group handling, short messages services and bearer independent protocol (BIP).

The respective conformance testing and certification is required by leading industry interest groups (GCF / PTCRB) but also by large mobile network operators (Verizon Wireless / China Mobile). Tests were defined to ensure interoperability, independent of the terminal manufacturers, card issuers or network operators.

With our Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC, we offer the market a reliable, easy to handle and cost-efficient conformance tester. It is used by accredited wireless 3rd party test laboratories worldwide and is also popular in test laboratories of mobile network operators and manufacturers, where it is used for both R&D and conformance test requirements. To keep up with the technological evolution, the test coverage of the Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC gets extended continuously in line with the latest technology standards and their corresponding test requirements.


Choice of validated test case packages for Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

The Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC covers a variety of test specifications and certification requirements. The Test Solution provides a choice of validated test case packages which get extended in response to new requirements.

Test Case Packages:

  •  2G SIM
  •  3G/LTE Refresh-USAT-2
  •  3G-USAT-1
  •  3G-USIM-1
  •  LTE CAT-M1 (GCF WI#301-M)
  •  LTE CAT-M1-USAT-2
  •  LTE CAT-M1-USAT-1
  •  LTE CAT-M1-USIM-1
  •  LTE-ISIM-1
  •  LTE-USAT-1
  •  LTE-USAT-2
  •  LTE-USIM-1
  •  LTE-USIM-2
  •  LTE-USIM-3
  •  NB-IoT SIM/SAT (GCF WI#301-NB)
  •  UICC-NFC-1
  •  UICC-NFC-2
  •  UICC-NFC-3
  •  UICC-NFC-4
  •  5G-USAT-1 – future
  •  5G-USIM-1 – in development


Scope of delivery


  • Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC
    • Test Solution Controller
    • including embedded UICC/SIM simulator (Aspects SmartStation3 or UL SmartConnect)
    • including UICC card slot, spy option for UICC card tests


  • Validated test packages of your choice, to be used with network emulators from leading manufacturers
  • Interlab Test Engine for test execution sequencing and automation
  • Object Under Test (OUT) Descriptor
    • to define terminal capabilities (PICS) and
    • test case configuration parameters (PIXIT)
  • UICC/SIM monitoring and spy tools
  • OTA provisioning

User Benefits of the Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

  • offers ONE straightforward graphical user interface, for the operation of all involved test equipment
  • provides a high level of automation
    • based on automation functionalities of the test system plus the remote control interface of the wireless device under test
    • allows the execution and performance of test sequences without any user interactions
    • leads to a significant reduction of handling errors
    • enables test capabilities to run 24/7
  • can be used for the automated, correct configuration of the protocol tester and fully automated protocol testing
  • at the forefront of new developments due to our active participation in the GCF Working Group, the PTCRB RFT, the TSG CT WG 6, the Global TD-LTE initiative “GTI” etc.


  • Documentation
    • User Manual, “Getting Started”, Release Note, Installation Guide, System Requirements
  • Set-up services
  • Introductory training
  • Support & maintenance
  • Onsite support