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Update on Algerian Type Approval Procedure

Veröffentlicht am 30 October 2019

Update on Algerian Type Approval Procedure

A new procedure of type approval has come into effect. It was published by the Algerian Authority Autorité de Régulation de la Postes et des Communications éléctroniques (ARPCE) on 17 October, 2019.


Important changes at a glance:

  • The validity of any certificate will be 3 years from now on instead of 2 years
  • RED – Type Examination Certificate is required
  • One radiated sample (as usual with a label on it) has to be submitted for any application including 2G/3G/GSM (instead of three samples as before for 2G/3G/GSM cellular)
  • All test reports must be dated less than 3 years. If it’s not, a declaration from the manufacturer stating that the device is still manufactured and conform with the previous test report which are still valid as well is mandatory
  • In addition of the EMC, RF, Safety Test (as usual), the SAR test is mandatory from now on
  • All applications must be submitted in both paper and digital forms
  • The deadline of treatment for any application won’t exceed two months


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