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Threatening news on RED?

Veröffentlicht am 19 April 2017

Threatening news on RED?
Did recent news on the upcoming RED confuse you?

Recent news regarding the implementation of the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED), which is due to become valid in the EU on 12 June 2017 has confused many manufacturers and suppliers.
The news threatened that devices with radio capabilities might be banned from sales in the EU from June 17 onwards due to a lack of new RED standards.

The EU commission has now released a statement that clarifies the situation

  • The new RED regulations became necessary due to the increasing number of devices with integrated radio capabilities on the market.
  • The aim of the RED is to ensure that all electrical and electronic devices that emit or receive radio waves adhere to essential safety and health requirements, taking care of the efficient use of radio spectrum and electromagnetic compatibility.
  • The RED became applicable on 13 June 2016 with a transitional period of one year, to ensure smooth transition from the former R&TTE directive.

Currently the European standardization organization  ETSI has submitted roughly 70% of the total standards needed.
Of these, 65 standards were received positively. The EU commission and ETSI are now working on a solution to quickly increase the number of standards available by beginning of June 2017.

In the meantime manufacturers and suppliers can relax

  • All products that have already been placed on the market by 12 June 2017, so that they are available to the end-consumer, are not affected.
    All products that will be placed on the market after this deadline have to be in compliance with the RED.
  • In case ETSI will not deliver the missing standards in time and/or the EU commission and ETSI cannot agree on a solution to speed up the process:
    • the EU commission could – on an interim basis –  enforce the former R&TTE rules, for the currently missing standards
    • manufacturers can use alternative conformity assessment procedures to show that their products meet the requirements to legally place their products on the market in the EU and affix the CE marking.
      This can be achieved by using an accredited test lab (like 7layers) in combination with a notified body (like Bureau Veritas – our parent company) for example.

The 7layers team has been working together with manufacturers and suppliers of radio devices for many years and understands the concerns this rather unclear situation is creating. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information on the subject, so that we can support you in bringing your products to market as smoothly as possible under the current circumstances.

Please let us also point out our 2nd RED Seminar, taking place 19th May 2017, in which we will reflect the current situation.
You can book your seat here:

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