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Mexico Approvals to be Updated with HS Code

Veröffentlicht am 12 June 2019

Mexico Approvals to be Updated with HS Code

News from publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) by the Ministry of Economy (SE) on past October 23, 2018 and the respective extension from February 28, 2019 of the agreement shows modification of rules and general criteria in matters of foreign trade.

This was made due to the fact that importation of large volumes of products were detected, which entered into the country through certain exceptions (without its compliance certificate of the Official Mexican Standard). Just products with need for NOM safety certification are affected by this publication (e.g. SRD with 125kHz technology are excepted).


It is important to mention that from 3rd June 2019, all certificates that are presented in customs must also include the Mexican HS code assigned by the customs agent in charge of processing the release of their shipment. Certificates that do not have the HS Code cannot be used for the release of products. Please find more information in following link:


You can continue sending samples for certification in the same way that was being done and you can continue importing spare parts as it was done before. But it is important that your customs broker advises you and confirms if your products even the spare parts must comply with any Official Mexican Standard.

It is necessary that the products previously certified declare the HS Code that they are using for importation.
For this, all certificates of products which will be commercialized and will be imported into Mexican market, will need to be updated with related HS code.

Manufacturer can verify HS code for Mexico from following page:


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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