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LTE Cat-M1 test and service environment available at 7layers

Veröffentlicht am 24 July 2017

LTE Cat-M1 test and service environment available at 7layers
7layers supports development and certification of IoT services and devices based on LTE Cat-M1 technology

LTE Cat-M1 (also called eMTC) technology is one of three low power wide area technologies operating in licensed spectrum bands, that have been standardized and published in 3GPP Release 13. LTE Cat-M1 is suited for the many smart IoT services that are emerging just now. Possible use cases can be found in the industrial environment, the smart home and building sector, for logistic applications, as well as for wearables and m-health applications.

LTE Cat-M1 devices are low cost. They feature a long battery life and reduced service efforts due to lower maximum data rates. Mobile network operators all over the world have begun with the modification of their cellular networks and implementation of LTE Cat-M1 technology to support the roll-out of new, smart IoT services and devices.

7layers is a long-standing member of 3GPP and leading certification groups such as GCF and PTCRB. As such the company has assisted during the development of the LTE Cat-M1 standard and is now supporting chipset, modules and device makers adopting the new technology for their upcoming product developments.

The LTE Cat-M1 service environment has already been integrated into the 7layers test laboratory set-up. Based on this extension of its test capabilities and its outstanding wireless expertise, the company is ready to support clients with product development services and certification of the resulting devices according to the latest LTE Cat-M1 requirements.

“Not just limited to product verifications, 7layers is also assisting service providers to set-up their IoT services and maintain the required service quality level, based on LTE Cat-M1 and/or other IoT technologies”, states Thomas Jaeger, Director Global Business Development and Innovations at 7layers. “We are convinced that the 3GPP cellular technologies are an important piece in the IoT puzzle for many uses cases, complementing other wireless technologies”. 7layers is a full member of ETSI and the 3GPP. Amongst others, the organization is authorized to provide GCF, PTCRB and CTIA certification services on a global scale.


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