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Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF – ready for Channel Sounding

Veröffentlicht am 5 June 2024

The Interlab® Test Solution Bluetooth RF is now ready for Bluetooth® 6.0 incl. Channel Sounding!

The Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF meets all demands set by the Bluetooth® Qualification scheme providing complete and full validated RF test coverage for all Bluetooth® standard versions including Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Bluetooth® Direction Finding as well now for Bluetooth® Channel Sounding.

Bluetooth Channel Sounding enables use cases and features with a wide range of positioning accuracy levels like asset tracking and wayfinding and vehicle keyless entry, which requires extremely high accuracy and security. All Bluetooth RF Test Cases necessary to qualify Products will be made available according to the Bluetooth SIG Qualification roadmap.

The first Test Cases are expected for August 2024.

In addition, our Test Solution is prepared for “LE Test Mode enhancements” (Bluetooth 6.1) which is the base for the new “Unified Test Protocol” (OTA Test Mode) and future developments. The OTA Test Mode ease the test execution and reduces test interface requirements.

Moreover, we had optimized the hardware setup to reduce costs for single devices and calibration efforts.







For any further information please check Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF – 7layers

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