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Guyana and Haiti – Authority Processes Delayed

Veröffentlicht am 17 December 2019

Guyana and Haiti – Authority Processes Delayed


Guyana – Delays in Type Approvals

The Guyana “Ministry of Public Telecommunications” (MOPT) states that due to agency changes and further internal activities, type approval processes are not one of their priorities at the moment. As long this decision by director will not be changed, unknown delays has to be considered for type approval process.


HAITI – Authority Processes Delayed

The Haiti “Conseil National des Télécommunications” (CONATEL) informs that due to logistical problems beyond the control of CONATEL, the process for obtaining approvals will take longer than usual. In the meantime, the necessary measures are taken to ensure that applications are processed as soon as possible. CONATEL apologizes for the inconvenience caused and renews its commitment to its perfect collaboration.

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