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China Mobile approves 7layer’s Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC as first platform for NB-IoT SIM conformance tests

Veröffentlicht am 14 August 2018

China Mobile approves 7layer’s Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC as first platform for NB-IoT SIM conformance tests

Since June 2018 7layers has been listed with “Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC” as a technically certified partner for NB-IoT SIM/SAT conformity test solutions at China Mobile, one of the largest and rapidly growing LTE network operators in Asia. This makes the Interlab Test Solution Device/UICC (TP115) the first reference platform approved by China Mobile for NB-IoT USIM tests.

Before the certification program, China Mobile and 7layer’s Interlab experts performed validation on the Interlab test system for 6 months. “We are very pleased with the approval of China Mobile and that through the validation, we were able to support China Mobile to start their Certification Acceptance Program for NB IoT/USIM”, Interlab Product Manager Magdy Ahmed explains.

The network operator China Telecom also plans in the future for NB-IoT tests (USIM/USAT) to rely on the 7layers test solution. Together with 7layers, China Telecom successfully completed the full evaluation of the Interlab Test Solution in July 2018.

But not only large mobile phone providers such as China Mobile and China Telecom require NB- IoT conformance testing and certification. Leading interest groups such as GCF and PTCRB commit chipset and module manufacturers as well as device manufacturers to this verification of manufacturer and network operator independent interface conformity.


GCF/PTCRB develop a new work item #301 for NB-IoT and CAT-M1

Since 2 years 7layers provides with “Interlab Testsolution Device/UICC” a ready-to-use test solution for NB IoT and LTE CAT-M1 in combination with USIM/USAT applications. The test packages include: USIM interaction in NB-IoT networks according to 3GPP TS 31.121 and USAT interaction in NB-IoT and LTE CAT-M1 networks according to 3GPP TS 31.124. The 7layer test solution covers the GCF work item #266 (NB-IoT SIM/SAT) and #125-M/#137-M/#230-M (LTE CAT-M1 USIM/SAT) completely.

In addition to these established GCF/PTCRB work items for conformity tests and certifications, the GCF has now introduced two new work items #301-NB/#301-M for NB IoT and LTE CAT-M1 USIM/USAT, to ensure Rel’14 PSM and eDRX power consumption. As member of 3GPP standardization, the GCF working groups and PTCRB, 7layers has actively helped develop the introduction of the new work items.

The standardised NB-IoT and LTE CAT-M1 technologies allow improved range in buildings, the integration of a high number of devices, low delay sensitivity, low energy consumption and an optimal network architecture in the internet of things.



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