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What is the purpose of GCF?

The purpose of the GCF’ is it to provide the certification framework for devices with integrated cellular technologies such as GERAN (GSM), UTRAN (UMTS) and E-UTRAN (LTE) and which work within the global frequency bands (GSM 900/1800, FDD I and FDD VIII).

Which products benefit from GCF certification?

All devices with integrated 3GPP modules such as net-books, consumer electronic devices, smart meters etc., but also handsets, PDAs, smartphones, USB modules and many more benefit from GCF certification.

Why is GCF certification beneficial for my products success?

Network operators have to be sure that devices work well in their networks. However testing all new devices for conformance and interoperability is hardly feasible. By relying on GCF certification operators can be sure that the core functionalities of new devices fulfil their requirements. Having achieved GCF certification is a  plus if you are selling devices to operators or retailers especially in Europe and Asia.

How are the basic rules of GCF certification defined?

GCF has set up an independent certification program, which is continuously updated. It is based on technical requirements as specified within dedicated test specifications provided by the 3GPP, OMA, IMTC, the GSM Association and others. Test cases from these test specifications are selected in order to verify the correct technology behavior of mobile devices. Testing takes place in independent, ISO 17025 accredited and GCF-qualified test laboratories, such as those of 7layers.

Due to the continuous technological development of both the innovative mobile devices entering the market and the development of the networks themselves, GCF is constantly updating its requirements for GCF certification.

Does GCF cover LTE technology also?

Yes, GCF has been continuously developing and extending its certification program for LTE devices since 2008. It covers FDD bands applicable in the USA, Japan, Europe, China and more recently in South Korea. 7layers has been first in achieving GCF certification for LTE devices for its clients.

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