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Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services launches “BV Go for Clean Air” Worldwide Campaign

Veröffentlicht am 4 June 2019

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services launches “BV Go for Clean Air” Worldwide Campaign

One of the world’s leading consumer products testing, inspection and certification services providers, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, announces the global launch of its “BV Go for Clean Air” Campaign signifying the 11th anniversary of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services supporting the World Environment Day (WED).

“Beat Air Pollution” is the theme of World Environment Day this year. It calls for actions for one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Air pollution generally comes from natural events like volcanic eruptions, sand and dust storms; as well as human activities with respect to agriculture, industry, transport, household, and waste. These human sources spew a range of substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, lead, ground-level ozone and particulate matter, the pollutants that might cause adverse human effects.

Marking the 11th anniversary of WED celebrations, the launch of “BV Go for Clean Air” aims to combat air pollution through collective actions of Bureau Veritas’ employees in the workplace and community, and at home. The “BV Go for Clean Air” Campaign focuses on the plantation of a wide variety of native trees, shrubs, and seedlings – all acting as natural air purifiers – on the hills, mountains and in the forests. To name a few, some of the key planting locations include Tifft Nature Preserve and Doheny State Beach Campground in USA, Sinharaja Rain Forest in Sir Lanka, Spud Wood in United Kingdom, Tai Mo Shan Hill in Hong Kong, Reforestation in Mexico, Bang Khun Thian Mangrove Forest in Thailand, Shenzhen Dapeng Ancient City, Dongguan Botanical Garden, and Shaoxing Jinwu Village in China. Additionally, a number of trees are being planted within Bureau Veritas’ company premises and neighborhood.

Oliver Butler, President of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, commented: “As part of our Business to Business to Society mission, we continue to support WED and focus on solutions to address the challenges facing today’s and tomorrow’s society. One recent development we are delighted to launch is the extension of our innovative environmental emissions evaluation tool (BVE3). We can now calculate hazardous chemical air emissions for the footwear industry as well as water emissions for the textile industry. BVE3 can be used to calculate the amount of VOC discharge through air emissions that can be found within the auxiliary chemicals, glues, paints, etc. used in footwear manufacturing, helping protect human health and improving the environment.”


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