LoRaWANCertification - 7layersLoRa AllianceTM certification
Rely on 7layers experience for functional protocol testing during R&D and for LoRa WANTM certification

The LoRaWAN™ Certification Program has been set-up so that application-specific end-devices will operate smoothly on LoRaWAN networks.

About LoRa

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. It is a low-power wireless network protocol, supporting secure bi-directional communication for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications. The LoRaWAN protocol is based on an open industry standard called “LoRa” which is fully managed and controlled by the LoRa AllianceTM , an open, non-profit organization. In a star-shaped LoRa network, the low power, mainly battery driven LoRa devices communicate with LoRa gateways that send the data packets to a network server. The network server then has interfaces to connect to IoT platforms and applications.

LoRaWANTM certification

LoRa devices are ideal for many M2M and IoT purposes. To ensure that the defined services are being delivered reliably, consistent interoperability between LoRa end-devices and gateways must be ensured.

The LoRa AllianceTM certification therefore requires that LoRaWANTM certified devices meet the functional requirements of the LoRaWAN protocol specifications. This has to be confirmed by successful testing against the LoRaWANTM Certification Program.

7layers is an authorized LoRa AllianceTM test laboratory, helping module and end-device manufacturers to achieve LoRa certification. Having started very early and successfully in the European region and with the European specific LoRa frequency bands, 7layers now also serves the North American and Asian markets as well as other regions around the world.

7layers certification services for LoRa enabled products

7layers LoRaWANTM certification services ideally combine:

  • LoRa testing and LoRaWANTM certification 7layers’ authorized labs offer LoRa test services necessary for certification.
  • Regulatory testing and type approval 7layers has years of experience with wireless and Radio/EMC testing and offers global type approval handling.
  • Additional 7layers services and products help manufacturers, network operators and IoT services providers to achieve technical compliance in any defined IoT ecosystem: