ERA-GLONASS Certification and Testservices
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Since January 2017 all vehicles that are put into circulation throughout the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union (including Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus) have to be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS emergency calling system. In contrast to the situation in the EU and its eCall system, this already includes all vehicles, from trucks and vans to busses or sports cars. The ERA-GLONASS system is harmonized with the eCall system to ensure a common road safety space throughout Eurasian and EU member states.

Regulatory requirements for ERA-GLONASS certification:

  • iGOST 33466 / GOST R 54618 Compliance test methods of in-vehicle emergency call system for electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and mechanical testing
  • iGOST 33467 / GOST R 55530 Functional test methods of in-vehicle emergency call system and data transfer protocols
  • iGOST 33468 / GOST R 55531 Hands-free audio quality testing in a vehicle
  • iGOST 33469 / GOST R 55532 Crash detection feature testing
  • iGOST 33470 / GOST R 55533 Test methods for wireless communication module of in-vehicle emergency call system
  • iGOST 33471 / GOST R 55534 Test methods for navigation module of in-vehicle emergency call system certification process for ERA-GLONASS


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