ERA-GLONASS Certification
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ERA-GLONASS is a public response system
It shall bring assistance to drivers and passengers in case of accidents and dangerous situations on the road. By automatically or manually reporting casualties via the ERA-GLONASS system to the emergency services, professional help will be on-hand more quickly, thus reducing the impact of road casualties. It is expected that the arrival time of emergency services at the scene will be reduced by 30% on average through utilizing modern navigation, telecommunication and information technologies.
Where and when will it be in use?
Since January 2017 ALL vehicles that are put into circulation throughout the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union (including Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus) have to be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS emergency calling system. In contrast to the situation in the EU and its upcoming eCall System, this already includes ALL vehicles, from trucks and vans to busses or sports cars. The ERA-GLONASS System is harmonized with the eCall System to ensure a common road safety space throughout Eurasian and EU member states.

The ERA-GLONASS System combines

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  • ERA-GLONASS in-vehicle system (IVS)
    containing a navigation module, a communication module, an in-built SIM, voice modems, antennas, manual emergency-call button, sensors for automatic accident identification, functions to set-up automatic emergency-call etc., which is installed into a vehicle during production or as an aftermarket product.
  • ERA-GLONASS emergency call center equipment
    containing similar modules as the in-vehicle terminal, but without automatic activation functionalities.
    Global Navigation Satellite System to define the exact position of the involved vehicle(s).
  • Mobile Communications Network
    (UMTS or GSM) for emergency data transfer between the vehicle and the emergency call center.
  • Emergency Response Services
    like police, ambulance, fire brigades etc. via the 112 emergency phone call system or EMERCOM (Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations). 

ERA-GLONASS Certification Requirements

7layers can provide ERA-GLONASS Certification for both component and vehicle certification.

  • GOST 33466 / GOST R 54618
    Compliance test methods of in-vehicle emergency call system for electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and mechanical testing
  • GOST 33467 / GOST R 55530
    Functional test methods of in-vehicle emergency call system and data transfer protocols
  • GOST 33468 / GOST R 55531
    Hands-free audio quality testing in a vehicle
  • GOST 33469 / GOST R 55532
    Crash detection feature testing
  • GOST 33470 / GOST R 55533
    Test methods for wireless communication module of in-vehicle emergency call system
  • GOST 33471 / GOST R 55534
    Test methods for navigation module of in-vehicle emergency call system

Certification Process for ERA-GLONASS

Once all tests have been passed successfully, a confirmation of conformity is issued by an accredited ERA-GLONASS certification body. For this purpose, 7layers works closely together with the Chinese locations of its parent company Bureau Veritas, accredited for this service by BSCA, the national accreditation body of Belarus.

ERA-GLONASS Project Handling

The wireless-automotive experts of 7layers take over the complete project handling and supervise the test process for ERA-GLONASS certification. After the initial analysis and consulting, we look after your timelines, take over the device-under-test handling, paper work and coordination with all involved partners.

Additional services

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  • Pre testing
    For a smooth and fast certification test process, pre-testing may be advisable. It can be especially beneficial for component manufacturers. After a thorough analysis process, we will organize pre-testing services according to ERA-GLONASS certification requirements.
  • Additional R&D Services
    We provide RF consulting and module integration services upon request.
  • Additional Market Access services
    7layers offers thorough market access consulting services and provides product certification including the respective test and paper handling  services according to

    • International type approval regulations
    • Industry Interest Groups such as
      Bluetooth, MirrorLink, Wireless Power Charging, 3GPP, LoRa etc.
    • Service Provider assessments
      Sigfox, Verizon wireless, Vodafone, Orange and many others  



Ask for a budgetary ERA-GLONASS quotation simply by stating your contact details, a short description of your product and the targeted completion dates