GCF Certification Services
GCF certification – an essential prerequisite for global roaming

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) was established in 1999 in order to supplement the very limited regulatory requirements in some regions of Europe and Asia. The purpose of the GCF is to help ensure global interoperability between mobile phones, or other devices with embedded wireless modules, and mobile networks. Major network operators in Europe and Asia that use cellular 3GPP technologies are members of the GCF.

To ensure a consistently high level of quality and reliability for GCF certification, GCF decided that from January 2013 onwards, all GCF certification related testing must be performed in a GCF Recognized Test Organization (RTO), such as 7layers. The GCF RTO scheme recognizes test laboratories for conformance testing and for field trial & interoperability testing.

In addition to this GCF has started a new scheme in August 2013 called the GCF ACE (Assessment Capable Entity) scheme. Under the GCF ACE scheme manufacturers can receive assistance from 7layers for full GCF certification. This scheme is targeted also to GCF Associate Manufacturers certifying their integrated cellular products on the basis of GCF certified modules.

Today the 7layers group is running the only internationally recognized, global cellular test laboratory and consultancy network for Conformance, Interoperability & Field testing services, covering all major continents. We have been a member of GCF right from the start and participate actively in all GCF working groups such as the Steering Group, the Agreement Groups as well as other ad-hoc Groups. You can rely on our extensive and up-to-the-moment knowledge of the GCF certification process. The GCF experts at our accredited test laboratories will help you pass the GCF certification process as smoothly and quickly as possible.

GCF certification services – provided by 7layers

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