Test services for a wireless world
Wireless testing and more – for smart devices and IoT services with integrated wireless connectivity  Wireless testing and more – for smart devices and IoT services with integrated wireless connectivity

Devices with integrated wireless connectivity are playing a substantial part in the Internet of Things (IoT). To ensure that such devices work according to regulatory requirements, the requirements of Industry Interest Groups, retailers and last but not least the quality policies of manufacturers, they need to be tested carefully during the R&D process and before they enter the global market.

  • By turning to 7layers, you are turning to an absolute expert with outstanding experience in wireless testing. Our engineers have seen the development from first GSM mobile phones to smartphones to a connected world with ubiquitous connectivity. So if you want to make sure your wireless testing is in the hands of real experts, trust 7layers for your connected devices and IoT services.Testing, inspection and certification services from global leader Bureau Veritas - parent company of 7layers
  • To enhance wireless device performance and ease the certification process, 7layers provides RF consulting, module integration and test plan strategy support.
  • Once your device has gone through the test process successfully, we support you with the necessary certification and type approval handling services.
  • And in case you need more than just “wireless”, just let us know! Our services are complimented with the large test services portfolio of our parent company Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification. So whatever your test requirements we can help you bring your smart products to the global market..

Validation of complete, smart IoT Services require not only testing and certification of the various elements (connected devices, data platforms, applications…) a smart service consists of, but also the evaluation of the complete service once it has been set-up, and the continuous monitoring throughout its lifecycle. Such a complex task requires comprehensive, expert know-how combined with the necessary methods and tools to manage it. 7layers is supporting a number of IoT Services providers in this field. If you are interested in this highly customized process please contact info@7layers.com.

Wireless testing offered by 7layers

  • Testing of wireless connected devices
    • Pre-Testing – to detect faults at an early stage of development
    • Certification and qualification testing
    • Regulatory testing
    • Conformance testing
    • Interoperability and field testing
  • Testing of applications
  • Testing of smart IoT Services – end2end
    • Performance testing
    • Lifecycle management

If required, additional test and certification services are subcontracted to our parent company Bureau Veritas and our large partner network for special in-country testing.

Test services at 7layers cover various requirements

Accreditations, appointments and listings of 7layers

  • 7layers is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 by well-known accreditation bodies such as DAkkS and A2LA.
  • Our laboratories are also authorized by CTIA, PTCRB, GCF, LoRa, Bluetooth SIG (BQTF and BQE), Car Connectivity Consortium … and listed by FCC and ISED Canada.
  • The German BSI has certified us as security service provider for devices working in TETRA BOS networks.
  • Leading network operator such as Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Telekom etc. recognize test results from 7layers.
  • Made for iPhone accessories can be tested in the 7layers MFi certified labs.

Take a look here for the complete overview.

Test service portfolio for connected devices and applications

Wireless testing services at 7layers encompass

Wireless technology independent test services

7layers accredited test laboratories are managed via Interlab EVO, a test lab management system which automates test plan generation, test system configuration, test execution and test report generation for wireless testing. This enables us to ensure exactly reproducible results and keep our customers continuously informed. We can either provide you with daily status information or you may use a web access zone. Wireless testing of connected devices and IoT Services is an the hands of experts at 7layers.