Wireless engineering and test centers from 7layers

R&D, conformance, interoperability and Radio/EMC tests are conducted by the accredited labs of the global 7layers group for LTE, UTRAN, GERAN, CDMA, TETRA, LPWAN, Bluetooth, GPS, W-LAN, DSRC, Zigbee, Thread, wireless power charging, NFC, short range technologies, application enabler technologies. Test services, type approval, certifications, engineering services and test solutions for wireless and M2M industries. Wireless connectivity makes the world smarter! Our requirements management, test solutions, test lab and market access services, help you to achieve this. Processes like test management, requirements management, verification and validation for products that are important for a smarter world. Benefit from Interlab EVO, a web-based test management system from 7layers. InterLab test systems and products for LTE-USIM-USAT, Bluetooth, TTY and others, ease testing of devices with integrated wireless technologies such as LTE, GSM family, HSPA, W-CDMA, GPRS, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth etc. Devices and services using wireless technologies must meet connectivity, safety, security, and interoperability demands. 7layers helps meet these demands. Certification requirements like PTCRB, GCF and type approvals for wireless devices keep changing continuously due to the dynamics of the industry. 7layers supports you in meeting up-to-date requirements. The global 7layers group works together with a large variety of industries involved in the continuous improvement and increased usage of wireless connectivity.


Our clients are Smart Services / IOT (Internet of Things), Technology Provider, Mobile Devices, M2M Industries, Automotive Devices, Service Providers, Network Operators, Test Industries and Wireless Associations

Test Management

Our Interlab EVO test management system is used for
  • Requirements Verification
  • Test Project Management
  • Test Plan Generation
  • Laboratory Management
  • Test Automation
  • Certification Portals
  • Test Solutions
  • Feature Explorer
  • Test Engines

Test Products

InterLab Test Solutions

Bluetooth RF Test Set-ups

InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC


Consultancy Services

RF Consulting

Certification program support

Test specifications

Certification services

Product Quality Assessment for wireless devices

Made for iphone, ipad and ipod approval services

BLUETOOTH(R) Qualification & Certification

GCF Certification Services

PTCRB Certification Services

Wireless engineering and test centers from 7layers