Wireless automotive devices
From preliminary consulting to global market access – rely on 7layers’ know-how and expertise

Wireless automotive products and applications are making road users’ lives safer, more comfortable and a lot smarter. As these products often have an extended lifetime, manufacturers need to ensure the product life-cycle is reliably managed over a number of years.  As a service provider for leading suppliers of the highly developed German automotive industry, 7layers has gained an outstanding level of experience in this industry sector.

7layers’ dependable services enable you to develop the right strategies for product life-cycle management. We provide you with efficient test processes, manage your global certification requirements (including MirrorLink and Wireless Power Charging) and offer type approval handling for more than 200 countries worldwide. Rely on our turn-key project management and let 7layers take over and attain all the necessary market access procedures for your products.

In January 2015 the US Departement of Transportation (USDOT) selected 7layers to develop the Connected Vehicle Next Stage Certification Environment.

For automotive devices 7layers supports

  • V2X communication
  • Infotainment
  • Diagnostics
  • Short range
    • Immobilizer
    • Driver assistance systems
  • Tracking
  • Navigation
  • Fleet management
  • Mobile Payment
  • Telematics
    • Emergency call
    • Anti-theft-control
    • Geofencing
    • Pay as you drive …

7layers supports manufacturers and integrators of wireless automotive devices in launching their products by taking over all testing, paper handling and updating efforts, while maximizing manufacturers’ peace of mind regarding the obligatory regulatory and certification requirements.

7layers services for automotive devices

  • Consultancy
    Our consultants are able to optimize your global market access procedures, for example by analyzing all facets of the product family, including product variants and integrated modules.
  • Module analysis
    7layers works together closely with leading module manufacturers. We analyze the module and/or wireless device that is to be integrated in order to determine the test and certification requirements. These depend on factors such as the certification status of the module or the method of connection of the module or wireless device to the vehicle etc. Our in-depth knowledge of the modules involved is often a significant factor in providing specialized product analysis and validation support.
  • Antenna services
    Design & integration support, development & certification testing
  • Testing
    Testing is carried out in our own laboratories and those of our partners. Regular status information is provided via web access, telephone or e-mail.
  • Certification and type approval handling
    For this, we use our knowledge base covering more than 200 countries
    as well as our global network of local consultants and partners.

Manufacturers of automotive devices take into account

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