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Worldwide growth rates for mobile communications products have been immense during the last decade. In many countries it is now a matter of course to have access to mobile devices and the mobile internet is no longer just a dream. However, the future requires us to be more economical with worldwide resources, while at the same time people would like to lead a healthier life with more convenience, security and leisure time. The wish list does not end there and nor does the role that wireless technologies and ubiquitous connectivity can play in the scenario of a smarter world.

7layers works hand-in-hand with a large variety of industries involved in the continuous improvement and increased usage of wireless communications technologies, devices, services and applications for all facets of modern life.

Our history and name

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Some of our people have been working to support the wireless industries right from day one. When 7layers was founded in 1999 in Ratingen, Germany, they realized that, due to the ever growing complexity of wireless communications products and services, the entire sector would benefit from a partner that could offer more than just pure testing services. More information about 7layers’ achievements…

And that was how 7layers got its name. The OSI (Open System Interconnection) reference model, which divides communication systems into seven layers, encompasses all the functions possible in a communications system and describes how they depend to each other, just as 7layers is able to support its clients with services and products relating to each of the seven layers. [More information about OSI.]

bureau veritasSince January 2013 7layers belongs to the Bureau Veritas Group,  a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services.

Our company structure

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The requirements of our clients and partners vary widely, depending on the continuously evolving role of wireless technologies in the various industries. In order to be able to satisfy such a variety of demands, 7layers is structured in three business units: a software house, a systems house and a test house. This promotes the specialist expertise in each functional area, while our clients benefit from the broad spectrum of experience and the close cooperation of our business units.

The 7layers Software House forms the foundation for our business, providing us with the tools and components to maximize the efficiency of requirements management, verification and validation processes for those devices, services and applications that are paving the way to a smarter world. The software components are marketed under the InterLab® brand. We will shortly be launching new web-based services-on-demand that will give our clients and partners direct online access to selected InterLab components.

Since the InterLab software components are especially geared to handling complex test situations, it was a logical step for us to develop test products for highly specialized test requirements. Such developments are undertaken by the 7layers Systems House. However, the systems house not only offers ready-made test products that optimize testing processes, but also produces customized solutions in response to specific customer requests. Engineering excellence and proven software components, coupled with many years experience in testing wireless communications technologies and products, are the ingredients on which 7layers has built its position of leadership in developing and validating customized test programs, test specifications, test cases and test systems. Industries aiming to provide devices, services or applications based on integrated wireless connectivity will find 7layers an indispensable partner when it comes to developing the solutions that will meet the challenges of a smarter world, for example in the areas of security, reliability, functionality and interoperability.

The 7layers Test House consists of an international network of state-of-the-art accredited test laboratories that cover a wide variety of wireless technologies. 7layers global footprint also enables us to satisfy the demands of our clients regarding interoperability and field tests in all the relevant regions of the world. Regulatory requirements in all countries of the world as well as the demands of industry interest groups are handled smoothly and efficiently by our experienced, multi language staff.

7layers network

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7layers has engineering & test centers in the USA, Germany and Asia. These are complemented by agencies in France, Spain and Taiwan.

For the further enhancement of our service portfolio, 7layers is making use of the large capabilities of the Bureau Veritas Group. We are also building partnerships with renowned enterprises offering complimentary services. This will further strengthen our support for those industries that are building a smarter world.