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The safe way to eCall certification with 7layers


Since April 1, 2018 the implementation of eCall technology in new car models has become obligatory. According to the new
EU regulation, automotive manufacturers are obliged to integrate the new eCall system into all new car models like passenger cars (M1) or light commercial vehicles (N1). The installed emergency call component group must provide proof of compliance with the requirements of the 2017/79 EU regulation.

Regulatory requirements for eCall certification according to EU 2017/79:

  • Annex 1: eCall systems resilience check (in case of heavy accidents)
  • Annex 2: full-scale impact test assessment
  • Annex 3: crash resistance of audio equipment
  • Annex 4: co-existence of TPS and eCall
  • Annex 5: automatic triggering
  • Annex 6: compatibility of e-Call systems with positioning services/devices
  • Annex 7: (IVS self-test)/ self-test of onboard systems
  • Annex 8: privacy and data protection

eCall certification according to UN-R 144

This new UN regulation, which came into force in July 2018, is part of the Global Decade of Action on Road Safety. A plan announced by the UN General Assembly to reduce the number of road accident victims around the world. The UN-R 144 is valid for the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission) member states. Depending on the approval type, it adds supplementary test requirements.

Regulatory requirements for eCall certification according to UN-R 144

  • EMC (acc. to UN R-10)
  • position determination
  • means of access to PLMN
  • information and warning signal
  • power supply performance
  • resistance to mechanical impact
  • vehicle impact (UN-R 94 & UN-R 95)
  • handsfree audio performance ITU-T P.1140
  • emergency call system control

In addition to these regulatory requirements for eCall certification met by 7layers’ testing and certification services, we offer the following test add-ons:

  • Consulting
  • Pre-testing UN-ECE
  • Pre-testing eCall
  • Pre-testing ERA-GLONASS
  • CEN EN 16454 / ETSI TS 103 412 End-to-end conformance test
  • ETSI TS 126 269 In-band-modem-testing
  • eCall Protocoll Test (GCF WI147)


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