Certification Services
Meet market requirements for smart devices with integrated radio technology. Make the IoT work with 7layers!  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is unthinkable without the use of a huge number of networked devices. Primarily radio technologies are being used to connect the growing number of products with integrated radio components with each other, their users or with the associated databases. This does not only include mobile devices, smartphones of computers, but also connected cars, connected machines, smart home products and many more.
The dynamism of this fast-growing market makes it necessary to continuously adapt the approval processes for wireless communication devices to the rapidly evolving market requirements. 7layers continually monitors these changes, and we update our databases accordingly to provide our customers and partners with the latest insights. For a start we divide the diverse market access rules and regulations into two subgroups, the country-specific type approvals required by legislators and the certification requirements of special interest groups and individual providers.

Type approval and country specific certifications such as

  • RED for Europe, FCC for USA, ISED for Canada and many more…
    More information at: Country Approval

Certification services according to specific requirements and interest groups