Regulatory requirements in P.R. of China
Chinese type approval services for connected devices – go safe with 7layers

Achieving type approval in P.R. China is quite a complicated, time-consuming task with high costs for certification. 7layers has the local touch and years of experience to help you overcome obstacles.

Chinese type approval pitfalls

  • For all certifications it is mandatory to go through a testing process according to Chinese standards and national approval requirements.
  • Module certification is possible in principal, but customs issue need to be considered.

Different varieties of Chinese type approvals

One or more different varieties of type approval may be applicable, depending on the kind of product you wish to bring to market:

Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate (RTA)
for all radio transmitters

China – SRRC and CMIIT ID

  • SRRC (State Radio Regulatory Commission of P. R. China) is in charge of issuing the RTA certificate
  • Approved radio equipment such as mobile phones must be marked with an approval code, known as the CMIIT ID. Since 1st of January 2009, the CMIIT label must have the form
    which signifies:
    Abbreviation for China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
    Year of approval (e.g., “2011”)
    A code indicating equipment category. (e.g., “DJ” for a short range devices)
    Approval serial number issued by SRRC (State Radio Regulatory Committee).
    The manufacturer’s name must be exactly the same as the name in the company registration form. The CMIIT ID is provided on the Type Approval Certificate.[/expand]

Network Access License (NAL)

for all telecommunications equipment that connects to the public telecommunications network

China Compulsory Certification (CCC)

Safety and EMC testing for wireless telecommunications equipment

China RoHS Certification (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

For electrical and electronic products, a Chinese government regulation that controls the legal threshold of environmentally hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.