Type approval services for Japan
Meet radio law and business law in Japan – with 7layers as a supportive partner

Japanese standards for type approval differ from the EU and/or FCC standards. Deviations must therefore be reviewed in detail.

Testing for products entering the Japanese market can take place in all recognized, accredited laboratories. However, many of the technical specifications are only available in the Japanese language and it is therefore highly advisable to choose a partner who is capable of handling the language issues.

This makes 7layers an ideal partner. Irrespective of which of the 7layers engineering & test centers you are using, experts from our Japanese location are always ready to support with any issues concerning type approval and certification

Radio law and business law in Japan

According to Japanese law, radio and telecommunications devices can fall under two different laws, “radio law” and “business law”. Depending on the integrated technologies and the type of equipment, certification in accordance with either one or both laws is mandatory.

Especially module certification can differ from the North American or European regions. It can depend on issues such as housing etc. as to whether module certification is at all possible.

There are several certification bodies and there is one standardization organization called “Arib”.


Labelling for certification in Japan

Labelling for Radio Law

Labelling for Telecom Business Law