Type approval services for North America
“Classical type approval” for the US and Canadian markets – handled effectively by 7layers

The “classical type approval” approach, required for certification in the USA and Canada is less flexible than the “self-declaration” approach used for example in the European Union. Testing in an accredited laboratory such as 7layers is obligatory. Laboratories outside the USA may for example only be recognized if they work according to USA standards. Re-certification is required even for minor product changes, and demands the involvement of local authorities. However, with an experienced partner such as 7layers, who runs accredited laboratories in the USA and has a reliable network of partner laboratories and certification bodies available, type approval can be handled fast and efficiently by making use of all possible synergies.

Type Approval in the USA is handled via the FCC

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is the only regulatory body in the USA responsible for telecommunications type approvals. FCC certification covers Radio, EMC and SAR (specific absorption rate) aspects. Electrical safety is not a regulatory requirement but is of importance to manufacturers on account of market demands. All radio products must be marked with the FCC ID, which must be printed on the product following approval.

After successful testing in the accredited laboratories of 7layers, we prepare the relevant documents and submit them to a private T.C.B. (Telecommunications Certification Bodies) for review and granting of approval. Please note that FCC approval is also required for PTCRB testing and certification.

Regulations applicable in the USA

The applicable regulation for radio devices is the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47. This includes for example:

  • Part 15 (Radio frequency devices)

    • A (15.0 – 15.099), general requirement
    • B (15.100 – 15.199), unintentional radiators, receivers, etc
    • C (15.200 – 15.XXX), intentional radiators, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Part 22 (Public mobile services), GSM 850
  • Part 24 (Personal communication services), GSM 1900
  • Part 25 (Satellite communications)
  • Part 27 (Miscellaneous Wireless Communication Services), 2,5 GHz band, IEEE 802.16d/e

Type Approval in Canada is handled through ISED Canada

Radio equipment intended for marketing in Canada must achieve certification according to “Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada” (ISED) the successor of the certification body IC Canada. To prove conformance to ISED / IC Canada rrequirements, testing can take place in an accredited laboratory in Canada or the USA. Test results achieved for FCC certification can be reused for an ISED / IC certification.

7layers quickly and reliably organizes all necessary test services and paper work for IC Canada certification.