Type approval services for wireless devices for non-EU countries in Europe
Regulatory requirements of non-EU countries differ – 7layers guides you effectively through the process.

Countries not belonging to the EU are divided into those that follow the same rules as EU member states and those with completely different legislation.

In many states adjacent to EU member states
the EU directives are accepted

  • The Channel Islands – Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney – accept UK regulations
  • Isle of Man – accepts UK regulations
  • Vatican City – accepts Italian regulations

The RED (R&TTE) directive is accepted with small deviations in

  • Georgia
  • Bosnia
  • Herzegovina
  • Macedonia
  • Monaco
  • Andorra
  • Turkey

Specific national requirements have to be followed in

  • Albania
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

In these countries the regulations are similar to EU directives and the European standards are generally accepted. However a national approval has to be issued.

Restrictive markets within Europe are

  • Moldova
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

While the national standards are based on EU requirements in these countries, national in-country testing is required and a national approval has to be issued.

For the Eurasian Customs Union (including Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus) we provide ERAS-GLONASS certification services. See: www.7layers.com/certification/era-glonass