Regulations and standards applicable in Europe
Type approval handling services for EU, EFTA and other European countries – safely managed by 7layers

Within Europe, there are various regulatory requirements regarding certification, marking, type approval etc. that must be followed when introducing radio devices or devices with integrated wireless technology onto the market.

Countries belonging to the EU and the EFTA

In countries belonging to the EU and the EFTA the RED directive (similar to former R&TTE directive) applies, which allows “self declaration”. This is the most convenient way to obtain the legal approval for the introduction of a radio product on the market. In this case, the full legal responsibility for the correctness of the statements lies with the manufacturer or the person introducing a product on the market. If you are uncertain whether the statements you are making are really correct, testing in an accredited laboratory such as 7layers might be advisable nevertheless.

Type approval services for other European countries

Countries not belonging to the EU are divided into those that follow the same rules as EU member states and those with completely different legislation. Click here for more information.