Regulatory requirements in Africa
Certification services for the African market. Rely on 7layers for wireless connected devices.

Requirements for regulatory approvals in Africa vary considerably, depending on the political and organizational structure in the respective African country in which you wish to market radio products or products with integrated wireless technologies.

In some African countries the R&TTE directive is accepted

For example in

  • Egypt – regulatory organization NTRA
  • Libya – regulatory organization LTA
  • Mauritania – regulatory organization Autorité de Régulation
  • Morocco – regulatory organization ANRT
  • South Africa – regulatory organization ICASA
  • Tunisia – regulatory organization CERT

However documentation, duration of the certified status, requirements regarding local representatives etc. vary, you may need expert advice from 7layers to handle these complexities in an efficient manner.

In other African countries the situation is more difficult and type approval processes can be subject to frequent changes. However, our experts have succeeded in mastering legal requirements  in even the most awkward situations.