DSRC / V2X, V2V, V2I Test Services

7layers is providing conformance testing to standards that make up 5.9 GHz DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) technology.

The current testing specifications has been developed by the USDOT and is available at:  https://github.com/certificationoperatingcouncil/COC_TestSpecs

DSRC testing capabilities at 7layers

  • Data Transmission
    • Transport- IEEE 1609.3
    • Security – IEEE 1609.2
    • Link – IEEE 1609.4
    • Physical IEEE 802.11
  • Data Messages
    • BSM message encoding – SAE J2945/1 & SAEJ2735

Other DSRC related testing capabilities

  • Regulatory requirements – US (FCC), Canada (IC), Europe (RED)
  • RF Testing/ Antenna Performance in an OTA Chamber
  • Homologation / Type Approvals

DSRC experience at 7layers

  • Active member of OmniAir and participating in developing V2X certification and contributing to technical working groups.
  • 7layers is participating in other industry groups such as, Connected Vehicle Trade Association, Car2Car, Car Connectivity Association, and the Wireless Power Charging Association.
  • Participant of USDOT pilot program for Connected Vehicle Safety