TTY testing
R&D testing and TTY certification from 7layers, the wireless expert

TTY (Teletype / Teletypewriter ) is a telecommunications feature applied in digital networks in the USA for persons with impaired hearing and speech. It enables such persons to use TTY compatible wireless phones and take advantage of mobile services, including 911 emergency calls.

In order to achieve PTRCB certification, mobile phones destined for import to the US market must fulfill the TTY conformance tests mandated by the FCC. 7layers offers a full range of test services and support for PTCRB certification.  For TTY testing, 7layers uses its own InterLab Test Solution TTY, to verify the correctness of the TTY signaling support and the TTY transmission performance for normal calls and emergency calls. This is conducted under static and fading conditions, while emulating fast and slow typists.

TTY test services offered by 7layers

Our TTY test services cover

  • PTCRB certification testing
  • R&D testing

TTY testing is available for the following technologies

  • GSM (2G)
  • W-CDMA / UMTS (3G)