Temperature testing of touchable surfaces
Recognized temperature testing with contacless test set-ups – available at 7layers

Wireless devices have to manage rising data rates and a growing number of functionalities. In combination with the tendency to make devices as small as possible, this can lead to dangerously high surface temperatures. This fact is now recognized in the RED directive, it is even included in operator requirements, for example Vodafone’s “heating requirements”. With the help of specific tests manufacturers have to demonstrate that the surfaces of their devices do not become too hot to touch when in use.

7layers has the necesary contactless test set-ups available to test the surface temperature of small devices such as data sticks. Testing takes place in a shielded , non-reflecting environment with the help of a thermal imaging camera.  For Vodafone acceptance testing, exactly defined RF parameters have to be taken into account. Over a certain test duration, the hottest spot on the device is identified and set in relation to a reference ambient temperature. 7layers laboratories are fitted out with the required shielded test environment, including a contactless thermal camera.

Temperature testing takes place

  • in different frequency bands
  • in GPRS and UMTS/ HSDPA mode
  • at high data rates

Temperature testing at 7layers is recognized by

  • Network operators
    • Vodafone acceptance criteria
  • IEC certification
  • RED certification