RoHS Directive for electrical and electronic products
RoHS services for electronic devices  Рprovided by Bureau Veritas

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is a directive originated in the European Union. RoHS restricts the usage of hazardous materials like heavy metals, flame retardants etc. in electrical and electronic devices. In January 2013 the original RoHS directive was exchanged with RoHS 2.

The RoHS directive is going to be extended. On 22 July 2014 it became valid for medical devices as well as monitoring instruments. For in-vitro diagnostic devices the RoHS directive will become applicable 22 July 2016. For industrial monitoring instruments it will be applicable from 22 July 2017 onwards.

RoHS categories

Devices of the following categories must comply with the RoHS Directive:

  • Household appliances
  • Computing & communications equipment:
    computers, mobile and Smart phones, phones, printers etc.
  • Consumer electronics:
    TVs, DVD players, cameras etc.
  • Lighting
  • Power Tools
  • Toys and sports equipment
  • Automatic dispensers

Other countries like China, Japan, S. Korea, Norway, Turkey and California (USA) have worked out similar versions of the RoHS.

To support manufacturers and distributors of electronic devices and help them keep in line with the RoHS Directive, 7layers offers RoHS services via Bureau Veritas.

For further information and RoHS certification please visit the Bureau Veritas Website or download here the latest RoHS Newsbyte