Pre-Testing Services
Pre-testing for mobile phones and connected devices

7layers offers a variety of pre-testing services mobile phones and connected devices, to help manufacturers detect faults at an early stage of the product development process.
Depending on the size and set-up of a manufacturer’s test facility, it may be possible to run such tests in-house. However, company-owned test equipment often does not fulfill the strict requirements that apply to an accredited test laboratory such as 7layers – or you simply may not have all necessary test equipment available. Our reliable pre-testing results, combined with expert analysis and support, can help speed up product development significantly and ease the final certification process.

Depending on their individual requirements, customers can choose between fixed packages for pre-testing or customized pre-testing services. In any case you can rely on the extensive experience of our engineers to help you find the right solution. We can point out to you the most critical tests that have a strong tendency to fail in the final certification process, or support you in making the right choice e.g. regarding a module or antenna you are planning to integrate.

Pre-testing your connected devices helps to

  • detect common faults
  • speed up the development process
  • reduce costs and ease the final market access process

7layers offers pre-testing services for the following technology areas

Bluetooth pre-testing

Making sure your product fulfills the most important qualification rules
Bluetooth test services at 7layers 

GCF / PTCRB certification pre-testing

Helping you detect the most common faults
GCF certification at 7layers
PTCRB certification at 7layers

RED / FCC / ISED (IC) regulatory pre-testing

Depending on your target market(s) we check the most crucial regulatory requirements
Country approvals at 7layers

EMC pre-testing

Basic interference checks, giving you peace of mind
EMC testing at 7layers

Radiated Spurious Emission pre-tests

Mobile phones but also short range devices need to be tested to make sure unwanted spurious emissions are within specified limits
Spurious emissions testing at 7layers

RF (Radio Frequency) pre-tests

Testing product behavior according to frequency band and performance,
including OTA tests, antenna performance testing, pre-evaluation, device failure analysis etc.
RF consulting at 7layers

Pre-tests for interoperability & field tests

Product behavior in real-life networks, for both mobile and stationary wireless products
Interoperability and field testing at 7layers

Analysis services

You can combine the pre-testing results with the 7layers analysis services. this way you get your product ready for a smooth path to certification.

Please use our contact form or contact info@7layers.com, and explain your product, target markets and product usage, so we can recommend to you the best possible pre-testing solution.