Antenna test services
Comprehensive antenna test service portfolio for connected devices

Antenna performance has an immense impact on the overall performance of a wireless communications end-product. Never mind how well all the other features are functioning, the moment the antenna is not working satisfactorily, everything else is secondary. Antenna performance is influenced by different product requirements, applications, size of housing, materials, bandwidths, frequencies etc. Our accredited, high-tech laboratories are continuously updated in accordance with the latest antenna testing requirements for the wireless industries. 7layers supports you in selecting the right off-the-shelf antenna and provides Antenna integration and tuning services, Antenna design, Antenna test-set ups, Antenna R&D test services and type approval services.

Antenna test lab equipment at 7layers

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Our automated antenna test set-ups make use of

  • Different industry leading test systems (soft and hardware) from
    • ETS
    • Rohde & Schwarz
    • Satimo
  • Special shielded chambers from
    • ETS
    • Rohde & Schwarz (Howland)
    • Albatross
  • State-of-the-art phantoms
    • Head phantoms (SAM)
    • Various right AND left hand phantoms
  • Laptop supports
  • Capability to test devices larger than laptops
  • Self developed hard and software
    optimized for R&D requirements

The antenna test service portfolio of 7layers

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Selecting a suitable off-the-shelf antenna

7layers combines the necessary experience with a selection of antenna samples and the necessary test systems to provide quick advice on which of the available antennas fits best into your product, taking board and housing size into account.

Antenna development-related tests

Our experts are able to support you with antenna development and integration services. Our laboratories are equipped with OTA test equipment that is especially designed for development testing, such as several vector network analyzers and the passive Satimo “StarLab”.

OTA RF antenna performance testing for cellular devices (MS)

Test services at 7layers cover PTCRB and CTIA OTA RF antenna performance testing and GCF (CC and PC) OTA RF antenna performance certification – according to 3GPP. They are also compliant to Verizon  Wireless, Telekom and Vodafone OTA RF performance specifications. These in particular require testing of mobile phones using artificial hands. 7layers has 8 different Vodafone compliant hands available, including the required left hands. We also perform assessment checks on the total radiated power, the total radiated sensitivity and self-interference.

OTA RF antenna performance testing for short range technologies

Over-the-air full 3D RF performance testing, using special supports on the transmitter and antenna systems of end-products, modules and reference designs with integrated short range technologies such as Bluetooth(R), WLAN (Wi-Fi), ISM, PMR, MICS etc.

OTA RF performance testing of Wi-Fi mobile converged devices

Wi-Fi functionalities are of growing importance with Wi-Fi radios being almost a standard feature of modern cell phones and Wi-Fi features being widely used by cell phone users (Internet, E-mail, VoIP, …). For both PTCRB certification and Wi-Fi alliance certification, OTA RF performance testing includes sensitivity tests, output power tests and desensitization tests. Tests are conducted on both the receiver and the antenna systems of end-products, modules and reference designs.