OTA (A)-GPS test services
Certified OTA test equipment from 7layers for a host of specifications

OTA (Over-The-Air) performance testing is of particular importance in ensuring a satisfactory user experience. 7layers offers a comprehensive portfolio of  OTA test services for both development and certification testing. We have all the certified OTA test equipment available, covering CTIA, PCTRB, 3GPP, GCF, Vodafone, Telekom, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Apple and other test specifications.

GPS receivers are becoming a standard feature of mobile phones but they are also in use for example for car tracking (theft protection) systems, material logistics systems or transport tracking systems. To ensure a satisfactory user experience, GPS performance needs to be tested carefull, because the various technologies and radios that are integrated into a small device such as a mobile phone tend to interfere with each other. Initially A-GPS (Assisted-GPS) tests were performed without taking the antenna performance into account. For higher accuracy some network operators as well as PTCRB now require OTA A-GPS testing.

OTA A-GPS performance testing

The purpose of OTA A-GPS testing is to determine the sensitivity of the GPS receiver in A-GPS operation. The methodology is defined in the CTIA OTA specification, release 3.2.2.

7layers can perform all tests required by CTIA, PTCRB, AT&T etc. including desense testing (intermediate channel tests). Testing is preferably performed via the assisted mode of the wireless device under test. However, 7layers can offer workarounds should this not be possible. Testing is conducted in special shielded anechoic chambers on the receiver and the antenna systems of end-products, modules and reference designs.

OTA A-GPS time-to-first-fix and accuracy testing

Testing is performed in real-life conditions, checking on the “time-to-first-fix” (TTFF), for both network-supported A-GPS or GPS only, and the “accuracy over time”, for which accuracy results are tracked for a duration of 5 minutes.

For location-based services, offered by Vodafone, GPS performance is a key performance indicator. Manufacturers preparing for Vodafone terminal approval use the 7layers OTA A-GPS time-to-first-fix and accuracy test and certification services, which are fully recognized by Vodafone.