NFC testing
Combined NFC transactions and telecom expertise available at 7layers

The number of Near Field Communications services (NFC), is increasing dramatically worldwide. The services usually involve an NFC enabled mobile device or Smartphone, using the device’s UICC or SIM as secure element. The NFC services are used for applications such as banking, mobile payment, transport etc. To ensure that these services work reliably and correctly, it is necessary to validate the involved devices and the services themselves with the help of complex test scenarios. These test scenarios vary considerably, depending on the regulatory bodies and certification schemes a manufacturer or trusted services manager has to adhere to in order to successfully market his product.

A lot of expertise and test capabilities are necessary to cover all possible requirements for NFC enabled devices and NFC based services today. This is why 7layers has joint forces with FIME. Jointly, 7layers, a specialist for mobile handset testing and FIME, a specialist in the area of NFC and payment are able to test and certify any NFC mobile handset to any currently required specification. Together we offer testing and certification according to the requirements of the Bluetooth® SIG, GCF, GSMA, GlobalPlatform, EMVCo, PTCRB and other global payment schemes.

For further information please take a look at the joint release from FIME and 7layers.

NFC Test Solution

In addition to the NFC services we offer in our laboratories, 7layers and FIME have developed a joint Test Solution, with the FIME part covering network independent test cases and the 7layers part (based on our InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UISS) covering the network dependent tests, as required by GCF or PTCRB. More at: InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC for NFC .