EMC testing services
For EMC testing of radio products – rely on the 7layers wireless experience 

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is required for radio and telecommunications products in almost all countries of the world. EMC test processes are designed to ensure that the electromagnetic interference transmitted by your product is within the accepted range and that your product and its functionalities are themselves not negatively influenced by electromagnetic interferences. 7layers provides EMC test services for wireless modules and devices with integrated wireless connectivity as well as other IT products.

EMC services at 7layers

  • Regulatory EMC testing
  • Pre-testing
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Custom specific scenarios (Emission & Immunity Testing) e.g. under real-life conditions
    We also check your product’s immunity against other radio products such as mobile terminals, W-LAN routers etc. This provides valuable insight into your product’s behavior and ensures end-user satisfaction (coexistence assessments).

The most important regulatory EMC requirements are defined in

  • EMC directive
  • RED
  • FCC rules
  • ISED Canada standards

7layers provides EMC testing in accordance with these directives, plus many more.

Important EMC standards referenced in the EMC directive or RED are

  • EN 301489 – X (various radio products)
  • EN 55032 (Multimedia Equipment – Emission) / EN 55022
  • EN 55035 (Multimedia Equipment – Immunity) / EN 55024
  • EN 50130-4 (security apparatus)
  • EN 61000-6-x (generic standard for various products)

At 7layers you will find an ideal combination of radio test expertise and facilities combined with modern EMC testing capabilities, to help you bring your radio devices to market as fast as possible.