Battery life performance testing
Battery life performance – an important feature of mobile devices

High-end displays, additional electronic features such as GPS receivers and even some applications come at a price in terms of energy consumption. This is why stand-by and talk time are crucial decision factors for consumers, especially when purchasing advanced wireless devices such as a smart phones.

It is therefore of growing importance for manufacturers, service providers and operators, to precisely measure the power consumption of mobile phones under different conditions or use cases. For example, GCF has defined various individual performance criteria such as standby time, talk time, video streaming, camera operation, talk time with headsets etc.

7layers offers battery life performance testing in accordance with

  • GCF
    According to GCF-PC,  selected tests and following procedures as defined by the GSMA Terminal Steering Group in their PRD TS.09 “Battery Life Measurement Technique” , including TS.09 v7.6 for E-UTRAN (LTE) supporting devices.
  • Industry Acceptance Criteria
    • Vodafone Global Acceptance Criteria

Battery Life testing at 7layers is available not only for classical talk and idle mode but also for high data rates and applications such as Video streaming.