Interlab Test Solution TTY
Verify TTY processes with the Interlab TTY software solution

Teletype / Teletypewriter (TTY) is a telecommunications feature mandated by the FCC for the USA market, enabling hearing- and speech-impaired persons to take advantage of mobile services, including the 911 emergency calls, by using TTY compatible wireless phones.

The InterLab Test Solution TTY is a software solution that verifies the TTY signaling support and the TTY text transmission performance of TTY enabled mobile phones. It provides TTY test capabilities for mobile phone manufacturers, network operators and conformance test labs. By relying on the InterLab Test Solution TTY instead of  a live network, users benefit from a controlled lab environment with strongly improved reproducibility of test results.  Thanks to a high level of automation it decreases test duration and potential testing errors. Advanced object-under-test automation techniques and configurable repeat scenarios considerably ease the test process.

The InterLab Test Solution TTY works in combination with the CMU200 and the ABFS or AMU200A (fading simulator) from Rohde & Schwarz.

Test specifications and requirements covered

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  • Suitable for R&D processes, certification and carrier approvals
    • Manufacturer Edition
      Test case packages for R&D
    • Conformance Edition
      Validated test case packages for PTCRB certification
    • Carrier Edition
      Test case package for AT&T carrier approval
  • Covers GSM (2G), W-CDMA / UMTS (3G), wireless technologies
  • Checks correctness of the TTY signaling support and the TTY transmission performance
    • For normal calls and emergency calls
    • Under static and fading conditions
    • Emulating fast typists and slow typists

InterLab Test Solution TTY – scope of delivery

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  •  TTY test case package options
    • AT&T-TTY – Carrier Edition (NEW!)
    • GSM – Conformance Edition
    • W-CDMA – Conformance Edition
    • GSM – Manufacturer Edition
    • W-CDMA – Manufacturer edition
  • InterLab Test Engine, enabling automated test operation
  • Operational software
  • USB license dongle
  • TTY modem
  • InterLab Test Solution Controller
  • Test solution-specific documentation
    • User manual, release note, installation guide, system requirements

Automation features

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  • Only one user interface controlling all involved test tools
  • Comprehensive test project administration
  • Automated operation of TTY relevant test sequences by
    • Configuration of all involved instruments and test tools
    • Object-under-test automation
      Power cycling, network registration, dialing, call answering, call termination, TTY activation, TTY deactivation, SIM /USIM Removal
    • Test sequence compilation based on test parameters and test conditions
    • Configurable repeat scenarios
    • Evaluation of the final verdict
  • Automated execution and termination of external programs
    • e.g. batch jobs, trace tools
    • Triggered by the start and end of a test
  • Automated control of auxiliary equipment
    • e.g. power supplies or climatic chambers
    • Optional feature available on request
  • Instant collection and storage of test result files